mailegant Writer will soon be published on the Apple AppStore for iPads and OSX and on this website for Windows. Stay tuned!



 Use any number of predefined or self-defined email templates to save time!
 Define formatted text modules for re-use with one tap!
Let intelligent assistent do some boring work for you: Include images, create tables, draw location maps, insert Dropbox files...



 Attach images and documents to your emails while on-the road! Add files from Dropbox or even remotely from your own computer.  
The mailegant Cloud  is an optional cloud service which synchronizes data between computer and tablet, holds ToDo-emails for you and more!

                        mailegant Writer is the world's first real email text processor for iPads and for computers with Microsoft© Windows© or Apple© OSX©. It is used in addition to a standard email client and lets you

write better, formatted emails including attachments in less time on any device.
mailegant Writer has been written from ground up as a specialized email tool for busy, creative people who have to write emails on their tablets on-the-road and on their computers as well.
It helps them accomplish typical email tasks very fast without compromising on the layout: Include and scale pictures, create tables, insert location maps, fill salutations, reply to questions, use text modules and much more with just a few taps or mouse clicks.
You can even include (optionally zipped) attachments from your iPad's image gallery, from Dropbox or even remotly from your own computer (everDOCs Private Cloud).
mailegant Writer brings rich text (HTML) emails to iPads and Android tablets, where they have never been properly supported yet.

The HTML emails created by mailegant Writer use specially optimised code to be displayed correctly on any popular email client. This makes it stand out from any stand-alone or web-based email client today.

mailegant Writer is a product of Team . All rights reserved.